World Rabies Day – September 28th

World Rabies Day - September 28thAre you living dangerously? Rabies while rare still exist in the US.

Most years around 5000 cases of Rabies are reported in the USA. Currently, 92% of the cases if rabies reported were found to be wildlife. However, especially in our rural and suburban areas at risk, the resurgence of rabies is a constant risk.

Mandatory vaccine regulations by many local communities and states have helped hold rabies numbers down and in check is not enough. While these regulations are in place they are easy to ignore. There is not anyone enforcing these regulations unless your animal happens to be picked up by animal control. Also, the fact many boarding facilities and groomers require current rabies for their services also helps. But the truth is there are many cats and dogs that go outside at least part-time. And that is where the concern comes into play. Cats and dogs are hunters and may come into contact with a rabid animal putting you at risk. While I will acknowledge at this time in the United States compared to other countries the risk for human rabies is small the risk. However, the concern for Rabies has been decreasing concern of most pet owners. As the number of people not keeping their pets properly vaccinated the risk for rabies increased.

Rabies is nearly always fatal in people unless you undergo rabies treatment. Don’t put you and your family at risk. Be sure all your pets are current on their rabies including that stray cat that you feed on your back porch because who would if you didn’t.

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