Will Your Dog Be The Next Victim of Heartworms?

Why are we seeing an increase in heartworms when they are so easy to prevent? My observation about the general nature of many pet owners, over 40 years of practice, is that we have a hard time spending money to prevent something that is difficult to visualize. The problem with heartworms is the dog does not show any clinical signs until the disease is advanced, and suddenly your pet is a victim of a deadly disease. I have treated many dogs for heartworm even if the only time they went outside was for private matters spending less than 5 minutes a day outside. No dog is safe from this disease.

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Warning: Over the last year there has been a 22% increase in heartworms

Will Your Dog Become a Heartworm Statistic?

Spring brings beautiful colors, but also dangers to our dogs. Many of these problems may develop at any time of  year, but their frequency increases in the spring and summer. Heartworms, a mosquito spread disease, may spread in the winter season when day time temperatures are above 60 degrees for 3 days or longer. However, the number of cases dramatically increases during the spring and summer. The American Heartworm Society estimates that there will be 250,000 dogs infected in 2022 with this fatal disease.  Additionally, it is alarming that the American Heartworm Society has seen a 21.7% increase in heartworm disease since Hurricane Katrina. The spread of the disease is continental now due to infected dogs being adopted by various people throughout the United States.

Important Facts

  • It takes one mosquito bite to infect your dog.
  • Heartworm is a year round disease in most areas of the US.
  • Treatment of infected dogs is helpful, but there is always permanent damage to the heart.
  • Heartworms may also damage other organs such as lungs and kidneys.
  • Only you are able to prevent Heartworms from infecting your dog.

There are excellent products available to prevent Heartworms. Most available products depend on a precise schedule to be effective.  That is, no lags, no skips, no vomiting, no forgetfulness. Products that are included in this stringent schedule are: Sentinel, Interceptor, Heartgard, and Trifexis. When given as directed every 30 days, precisely on schedule, they are effective. They must be given year round in this part of the country. If late, for any reason, then the dog is at risk for Heartworms. In 2018 there was a twenty two percent increase in heartworms of which many were due to give the monthly preventive on time.

Our Recommendations

Busy schedules often prevent precise and consistent 30 day schedules. A better solution is an injection required every 6 months. ProHeart 6, is the solution; an injection given every 6 months. ProHeart removes the stress of monthly medication, which in turn allows us to enjoy time with our dog.

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