White Coat for Stephanie

Stephanie has worked for Cornerstone Animal Hospital since she was fourteen as she went to school. Stephanie is currently attending Missouri University School of Veterinary Medicine. She has completed her first two years of training. Dr Rebecca Conrad and I (Donald Loden, DVM) will be attending Stephanie’ White Coat Ceremony in Columbia, MO. The White Coat represents the transition from the classroom to the beginning of her clinical training. I will have the honor of coating Stephanie with her White Coat during the ceremony. The next two years for Stephanie will be clinical training teaching her the art of applying the knowledge that she has learned. Stephanie’s intentions at the this time is to join the staff of Cornerstone Animal Hospital upon completion of her training.

Dr Rebecca Conrad, Dr Linda Scorse, Dr Donald Loden and the staff at Cornerstone extend their congratulations to Stephanie for a job well done.

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