What is Rehab? by Stephanie Stroud, DVM

“Rehab for animals? What is that?” Strictly defined, it is “the use of noninvasive techniques, excluding veterinary chiropractic, for the rehabilitation of injuries.” People often undergo therapy, PT, after surgery or bodily injury to regain all possible function that they had prior to the incident. In animals, it goes further than this scope because anything that causes harm, damage, or pain is included.

It certainly can be used to treat arthritis, post-operative orthopedic surgeries, spinal cord injuries, and peripheral nerve injuries, but it can also be used to treat tendonitis, sprains, and wounds. Furthermore, since one of the goals of rehabilitation is to prevent harm or pain, rehabilitation also works to build muscle, improve endurance, and heighten agility.

Benefits of rehabilitation include:
• Improved muscle strength and endurance
• Enhanced cardiac and pulmonary endurance (heart and lung)
• Pain-free joint range of motion and increased mobility
• Challenge of balance and agility
• Encouragement of psychological well-being

The key in any form of rehabilitation is do everything pain free. Your fur babies deserve to live a long life that is free of pain. At Cornerstone, we are committed to see that happen. We design the rehabilitation plan specifically to your pet- no cook book rehab! You can be guaranteed that your pets’ well-being is always central of our thoughts. You and your fur babies deserve it!

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