People attend physcial therapy every single day after injuries or to get in top physical shape. Physical therapy, or rehabilitation, has been largely neglected in the veterinary field for many species with the exception of race horses for several decades. A Certified Canine Rehabilitatin Practioner (CCRP) is an individual who wishes to treat, manage, and prevent diseases and pain. This can range from manual therapy, to therapeutic exercises, to many different modalities that promote analgesia (pain relief) and allow improved physical fitness.

There are several programs designed to further the field of veterinary rehabilitation. The Certified Canine Rehabilitaiton Practioner (CCRP) program was the first to be accredited and is the only program that is recognized on an international level with attendess coming from all over the world to train with leading expercts in the field of Physical Therapy and Veterinary Rehabilitation. With a focus on evidence-based medicine, Certified Canine Rehabiliation Practioners recieve acess to the latest clinical and laboratory reserach results presented by faculty who have performed research direclty applcable to case managment, including a myriad of equpment and emerging modalities which are based on clinical research.

There is a constant influx of new information and technique of which CCRPs strive to continue to learn in order to improve the length and quality of life of patients. Minimal requirmernt to achieve the status of Certified Canine Rehabilation Practioner include:
1. One hundred and fifty hours or more of continuing education related to physical rehabilitation
2. Demostrate compentencies in the areas of physical rehabilitaiton and pain management
3. Present five peer-reviewed case reports demonstrating the skills snd thought processes in handling both orthorpedic and neurologic injuries and diseases
4. Complete and pass the oral and written examination

As I have completed all of these requirements and more, I have now been reconized with the title of Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practioner.