Warning: Frontline, a Waste of Money

Before the turn of the century, Frontline was the greatest product to manage fleas in our dogs I had ever seen. The product changed the management of fleas, improving the quality of our pets’ lives. Independent research companies showed that Frontline killed 99% of the fleas within 24 hours. Wow, I was excited. This was great.

Twenty five years later Frontline and all the generics of Frontline are ineffective. Insects such as fleas are very good developing resistance to chemicals. The same independent research company now showed a single dose killed 17% of the fleas within 24 hours. If you applied Frontline for three months in a row you killed 67% of the fleas. Frontline was a great warrior destroying fleas before the turn of the century. Now it is time for Frontline to retire and stop pretending to be able to solve our flea problems while taking our hard earned dollars.

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