dental radiology in joplin moWe are proud to be able to offer our clients digital dental radiology here at Cornerstone Animal Hospital. It is our goal to give our patients the very best veterinary care possible. It is our goal to make sure we are up to date on the newest advances in veterinary medicine. Our staff is great. They are dedicated to learning so together we can help our patients as quickly and efficiently as possible.

One way we do this is by offering digital dental radiology for our patients. When looking at the images, we are able to see what is going on with our patient’s teeth and locate oral cavities. We can see the difference between healthy teeth and bad ones. We can easily determine which teeth will need to be pulled to help our patients.

Using digital dental radiology also allows us to prevent further dental disease. We can assess and decide what the problem is. We might also be able to tell owners what more they need to do at home for their pet’s oral health.

Many owners do not like to do radiographs. They worry about the radiation. However, by taking digital images, we are able to cut back on the amount of radiographs we take. Instead of having to take multiple films to get the correct image, we can just adjust the contrast.

Digital radiographs don’t take much time. We can usually see the image after just a few seconds so we can quickly move onto the next one. Our office has become much more efficient since we went digital.

Digital radiology is invaluable to our practice. It is another helpful diagnostic tool, allowing us to give your pets the very best care possible.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at (417) 623-3080 if you have any questions about digital dental radiology.