Ticks, ticks, and more ticks!

1. Do ticks only affect our pets in the spring and summer?

2. My pet does not go out of the yard; therefore, there is no risk of ticks?

3. The number one disease spread by ticks to dogs is Lyme?s Disease.

4. My dog has short hair and I do not see any ticks. I do not need to be concerned.

5. Cats do not get ticks because of their grooming habits

How did you do on our tick quiz?

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Tick rating

Five correct- Great! You are tick expert.
Four correct-Good job! You are a tick authority.
0-Three correct- Your effort will be rewarded. Your pets appreciate you.

Cornerstone Animal Hospital’s 2019 recommendations:

Ticks transmit thousands of cases of disease annually. Laboratory tests are required for diagnosis and can be expensive. Therefore, many more diseases go undiagnosed, untreated, or misdiagnosed, leading to incorrect treatment, persistence of disease, and carrier states being developed(Able to transmit disease to other unsuspecting individuals).

1. Bravecto- this is our product of choice. It is a three-month chewable for dogs, and three month topical for cats. Dogs and cats need to be six months of age to use this product.

2. Nexgard or Simparica- dogs only. These are a monthly chewable product that is as effective as Bravecto. Nexgard is approved for puppies at eight weeks of age. These are the products of choice for dogs too young for Bravecto. It may be used as an adjunct with Bravecto in some cases where tick numbers are high.
3. Revolution Plus- Cats only. A topical product of choice which is approved for cats, eight weeks to 6 months.

All of these products have a manufacturers’ satisfaction guarantee when purchased from your local veterinarian. Unfortunately, the guarantee does not apply to online purchases from any source.

Most over the counter products are not very useful including Frontline. Advantix works well for some dogs. It contains permethrins which have been associated with liver disease, so if the pet is older, or has liver issues, it is not recommended. The EPA has classified permethrins as a carcinogen. Therefore, we do not recommend Advantix when there are safer products such as Bravecto.

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