Teleconference with a veterinarian for new patients and patients not seen in the last year

Teleconference with a veterinarian is similiar to a telemedicine conference with the following restrictions.

1. A diagnosis will not be made. Information may be shared for educational purposes.
2. No prescription medication will be authorized. Suggestions for home care and non- prescription medication may be made.

There are limitations to a teleconference. Humans can tell the physician what hurts, how long, and how it feels. Pets are not able to do this. As a veterinarian, in addition to your verbal history, there is great dependence on the palpation skills of hands during the physical examination to determine the status of the patient. The opinions which are shared for educational purposes may be limited by the lack of actual palpation and examination of the animal.

During the teleconference, it may be determined that a standard office vist is necessary. Office visits scheduled and completed within 48 hours will have a 50% reduction in the physical exam fee.

Teleconference appointments are scheduled for up to 20 minutes. The appointment fee is $44.00 during normal office hours. Schedule your telehealth conference by calling 417-623-3080.