Telemedicine conference for patients seen within last year

Telemedicine allows your pet’s health needs to be evaluated by one of our veterinarians. In order to offer telemedicne there are certain requirements that must be meet according to Missouri regulations for veterinarians. The patient (the pet we are seeing) must have been seen within the last year in our office. Even if we have seen your other pets, the pet we are evaluating must have been seen in the last year. If the pet does meet this requirement, please check out alternative option.

There are limitations to telemedicine in veterinary medicine. Humans can tell the physician what hurts, how long, and how it feels. Pets are not able to do this. As a verinarian, in addition to your verbal history, there is great dependence on the palpation skills of hands during the phyiscal examination to determine the status of the patient. While video evaluation will allow sometimes to diagnosis and treat many problems, there are cases which require a physical examination. It may be determined during the conference that a standard office visit is necessary. Office visits scheduled within 48 hours will have a 50% reduction in the physical exam fee.

Telehealth conference appointments are scheduled for up to 20 minutes. The appointment fee is $44.00 during normal office hours. To schedule any telehealth conference call 417-623-3080. While video evaluation will allow us to diagnose and treat many conditions, remember that there are cases in which a hands-on physical is required.