Sam Talks About Anal Glands

My name is Sam. I am a three year old Dachshund with a painful problem that I’ve had to endure until today. Early in my life my anal glands starting causing me problems. I have scooted across the floor trying to get some relief. I have licked and rubbed my bottom trying to get relief. My caretakers have tried to help by having my glands squeezed to empty the contents that seem to be causing my problems. After the soreness from having these glands squeezed, mashed and expressed, for a short period of time I had relief.

However the problem always returns. Initially I tried to ignore the discomfort but soon I was back to scooting trying to seek relief. Again someone would squeeze and mash these glands trying to get me some temporary relief. Today I learned at Cornerstone Animal Hospital I could live a normal life pain-free by having my anal glands removed. Why would anyone live with the pain of anal glands when anal surgery will resolve the problems? Are you living with anal gland problems? Call Cornerstone Animal for an surgical evaluation today at (417) 623-3080.

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