Why is a Regular Check-Up Important?

why is a regular check up importantAnyone with memories of going to the doctor’s office as a child will remember the drive over to the office, the fear of getting shots, and, hopefully, the good bill of health on the other side of this visit. While this is good news, this may trigger some questions in the mind of a child who then wonders why they visited the doctor’s office in the first place.

Like people, pets require regular check-ups as well. Some pet owners may feel like this is an unnecessary use of time if they take good care of their pets to begin with; however, regular check-ups are important for pets for a variety of reasons.

The Importance of Regular Check-Ups

1. It is Important to Stay Up to Date on Vaccinations

It is always better to prevent a problem from developing in the first place than to worry about a problem that has already arisen. This is the job of vaccinations. While there has been a significant amount of debate regarding vaccinations in the media, pet owners should understand that vaccinations have the very important job of preventing their pets from contracting serious diseases. For example, if a dog gets rabies, this is typically a terminal illness and can spread a dangerous infection to people as well. Rabies can be prevented with routine vaccinations. Regular check-ups give the vet the opportunity to make sure that every pet is up to date on their recommended vaccinations.

2. The Vet can Catch Problems that Haven’t Shown Symptoms Yet

Unlike people, pets are unable to inform their family when they don’t feel well. While there might be certain signs, such as fatigue and a lack of appetite, they cannot speak. For this reason, the vet is an important part of checking blood work and vital signs that will reveal any illnesses or problems that haven’t shown symptoms yet. Without a regular check-up, these problems could go unnoticed for a significant amount of time. By the time they start showing symptoms and alert the owner to a problem, it could be too late. Make sure all pets receive regular check-ups to catch problems that might not otherwise have been caught.

3. Regular Check-Ups Give Pet Owners the Opportunity to Ask Questions

Vets are busy people with a full schedule and pet owners may not otherwise have an opportunity to ask questions of their vet. This is a key time for pet owners to bring questions and concerns to the attention of a healthcare professional. Pet owners may have questions about something they noticed with their pet, have questions about nutrition, or even concerns about how their pet interacts with other animals. A visit to the vet offers the opportunity to address all of these questions and more. Pet owners should always take advantage of this opportunity by scheduling routine physical exams.

Ultimately, there are many reasons why preventative healthcare and routine physical exams are important for pets everywhere. Don’t miss out on these important opportunities and schedule every pet their routine physical exam on time. It can make a major difference in the life of a pet and a pet’s relationship with their family.

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