pet Regenerative MedicineAs we enter the early years of the 21st century, regenerative medicine is creating shockwaves across the medical community. Regenerative medicine is beginning to change the way we look at disease and injury, changing the treatment protocols. In simple terms, regenerative medicine refers to any technique using the patient tissues and cellular material to help the body heal itself, in a safe and non-toxic manner. Once these tissues and cells are processed, the material may be injected or infused into the problem area of the body. The results of these material is a chemical release that helps decrease inflammation; they send out chemicals to the body to bring healing cells into that area with the potential to regenerate damaged tissue. In other words, these therapies will stimulate the body to heal and regenerates tissues.

Currently in veterinary medicine there are two technologies that are classified as regenerative medicine.

One of most exciting parts of regenerative medicine is that MediVet Biologics has developed and refine the therapy protocols to where they may performed in a single day. Your pet may undergo these therapies and be back home in their stress free environment for supper.

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