Pot-Belly Pig Care Jolpin MOThe Pot-bellied pig has many fans. There is a large group of vaccines used in domestic pigs, which may be used safely in pot-bellied pigs, but most of them are not necessary. We typically vaccinate pot-bellied pigs for leptospirosis, a disease that affects the kidneys and may be transmitted to man or other animals. Pot-bellied pigs should be vaccinated for Parvo virus, which causes a disease similar to Parvo virus of dog.

Joplin, MO has several additional requirements.

  • Documentation of the pig truly being a pot-bellied pig in the form of papers from a pot-bellied pig registry or a statement from a veterinarian.
  • Tested and negative for Pseudorabies.
  • Tested and negative for Brucellosis.
  • City license.

These requirements may be subject to change by the City of Joplin.