On the road again

Sounds like a country an western song but it really refers to our passion to provide the best care possible for your family members.

Who ?
Linda Scorse, DVM recently attended the American Veterinary Medical Association Conference. lasting for four days. Rebecca Conrad DVM, Donald Loden DVM , Rhonda RVT, Stephanie, Rose and myself ( Rachel ) will be attending the Central Veterinary Conference this week.

Why ?
We look forward to these conferences with excitement as they are a source of new ideas, best practices, and best current treatments for our friends. We are constantly thinking about our special friends especially those with medical problems, considering if their are new advances that will improve their quality of life. There are so many new treatments and medications we are challenged to keep abreast of the best. The State of Missouri require veterinarians to document ten hours of continuing education each year. However, at Cornerstone Animal Hospital we are very committed to continuing education, staying current with latest developments. Recognizing that is impossible with only ten hours of continuing education, we require our veterinarians to participate in approximately 100 hours of continuing education each year, far beyond the requirements of the State of Missouri. You trust us with the care of your family members, therefore we strive to be able to offer only the very best care for your family member.

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