National Pet Week May 5-11, 2024

National Spoil Your Dog DayNational Pet Week began in 1982 by the American Veterinary Medical Association. Their purpose was to:

• Encourage responsible pet ownership
• Encourage recognition of the human-animal bond
• Encourage public awareness of veterinary care
• Assist in the advancement of veterinary medicine
• Strengthen communication within the veterinary profession

Have you stopped to think of how much our pets enhance our lives? They are beside us when we are happy or sad — just there loving us. They make us smile and laugh. They help us relax as we pet them. They are more than furry babies (in some cases feathery and scaly babies) which exist in our homes, but they are like family members.

Often they are our best friend, confidant, or exercise partner. The list can go on. The human animal bond is a unique relationship. The first full week in May is to celebrate the bond between you and your pet. We encourage all pet parents to be responsible in the care of their beloved fur babies. Good preventive care allows us to extend the time we have with our pets. Now it is time to stop and love on your furry friend and tell them how special they are to you.

Health professionals have documented that pets have a positive influence on our feelings of well-being and mental health. The Coronavirus has changed our “normal,” but our pets continue to show us their devotion, even as we struggle with loss of income, deal with fear of the virus, or try to figure what our new “normal” will be. Therefore, stay loving and kind to your furry family, and celebrate this unique and wonderful relationship with us.

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