Marley- Allergies (Atopy)

Hello! My name is Marley and I am an eight year old Shih Tzu which has suffered with painful feet for years. My feet began to hurt when I was young. I tried to tell my caretaker by chewing and licking my feet and nails. My first caretaker ignored my voice and declared my cry ”compulsive behavior”- now my “new normal”. I ask you- why would I sit around all day and night licking, biting, or chewing at my feet constantly if there was not a problem? During the early years, it did seem that the problem improved during the winter months, but always returned in the spring. Now my problem never goes away- so sad, no relief.

Two years ago I was re-homed. My new caretaker noticed my problem and began to try to help me. Shampoos, ointments, diets, supplements, and anti-histamines came and went through our doors with no long-term results. Some did give me short term relief- like for a few hours- but the misery always returned. One day her daughter took me to Cornerstone Animal Hospital. Let me tell you, my happy dance came forth. My life began to change after that doctor visit. My poor feet were so red and swollen and most of my hair was missing from my constant licking. Even their staff oooh-ed and cringed with me! I did not want anyone to touch my feet! No way was anyone going to touch me! Too much pain! The doctor discovered that my feet were infected with bacteria and yeast from my constant licking which only made the pain worse. My diagnosis became atopy or allergies. They gave my caretaker treatment medication to resolve the two infections. Apoquel, a relatively new prescription product, was also started to block the allergic cascade. In addition, an injectable monoclonal antibody, Cytopoint, was started. I couldn’t believe it-within a month the swelling in my feet was gone and I had hair again. Yay! At two months out, I am receiving only a Cyptopoint injection monthly to control my allergies. Finally, the best part of my story is that after years of pain, I no longer have pain. Yippee! Pain free!

Now, my furry friends and caretakers, listen! Why would anyone want you to live with the pain and discomfort of allergies when new and effective solutions are available? Call Cornerstone Animal Hospital for an evaluation today at (417) 623-3080.

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