Major Change in Identifing Kidney Disease in Cats

fishingOne of the leading causes of death in our cats is chronic kidney disease. It is not ony a leading cause of death in cats, but it also causes a significant decrease in the quality of life for cats. The frustation for caretakers and veterinarians has been that the tests used to identify kidney disease required the loss of seventy percent of kidney function before there were any symptoms of disease. At best, by the time we could identify kidney disease, we were working with only thirty percent remaining kidney function.

In recent months though, research has clearly identified that a blood test measuring symmetric dimethylarginine (SDMA), a new renal biomarker, will allow identification of kidney disease when only forty percent of the kidney function has been lost. This is exciting news! Now we can identify kidney disease while sixty percent function remains. Early detection of disease may add years to your cat’s life and even change what may be the eventual cause of death. Cats with only forty percent loss of kidney function will appear to be healthy and normal.

The current recommendation is that all cats over five years old should have a SDMA performed to identify if they have kidney disease. If your cat has kidney disease, early detection will allow us to intervene while we still have adequate kidney function. Cats that are normal should be tested yearly.

There is only one problem with this test-it will only help identify early kidney disease if you have the test performed. Please, have your cat checked today.

The regular price of SDMA is $70.00. For a limited we are able to offer SDMA at a special promotional price by the lab for $42.50 a 46% savings. Call today to schedule a technician to draw a small blood sample from your cat that may extend the life of your cat. 417-623-3080

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