Leroy – Bladder Stones

Radiograph showing stone in the bladder (see black arrow)

My name is Leroy. I am an eight old year neutered male cat that has suffered from lower urinary tract disease since 2015. I have had bloody urine and have strained and pushed trying to urinate. These painful episodes have been managed by special diets and medications. I have had control of my sympotoms with diet management and saw palmetto ( a herbal medication that helps my bladder relax). Then in December 2019, I had an episode of extremely bloody urine and pain that failed to respond to medications that have helped in the past. My friends at Cornerstone Animal Hospital radiographed my bladder and a found a single large bladder stone. I have no idea how long it had been there! Wow!

Bladder Stone after removal from bladder

A cystotomy ( my bladder was surgically opened to remove the stone) was performed. What relief ! I felt so much better just within a day, and I was back to normal within a week. I thought I was having a severe attack of lower urinary tract disease, but with radiographs (xrays) they found the real problem. They removed the stone and I now am pain free. Yay!

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