June is Adopt a Cat Month

Why do we love cats so much?

A love affair with cats has been part of human history for centuries. Ancient Egyptians and Pharaohs declared them to be gods. Long before that, they were kept because they killed pesky creatures such as snakes, rats, and mice. Only during the dark ages was their relationship with humans severely damaged, being shunned through their association with Satanic activities. Still, the black cat suffers from the association with evil in Hollywood movies, witches, and Halloween activities.

      • Do our cats live to please us as the Golden Retriever?
      • Do our cats live to guard our property as the Doberman Pinscher?
      • Do our cats live to work by herding our livestock as the Austrian Shepherd?
      • Do our cats live to hunt quail and pheasants as the Pointer?
      • Do our cats live to work law enforcement as the German Shepherd?
      • Do our cats live to just be our friends as the Pug?
      • Do our cats live for search and rescue as the St. Bernard?
      • Do our cats live to clear paths and search for fires as the Dalmatian?
      • Do our cats live to hike and work for us as the Chinook?

No! All our dogs were bred for a purpose, to create a long-lasting relationship with man. Through centuries, many dogs presently do not serve in the capacity for which they were originally bred.

Some would say the main purpose of the cat was to be a pet for us. This is only true if the cat says “Okay!” Cats are pets because they choose us, on their terms, and not because we choose them. They check us first, sense moods, and act according to their intuition.

Yet, who has not felt a sense of joy and relaxation while petting a purring feline? Have you felt joy when the cat decided to sit in your lap, coaxed, or on their own? Have you been entertained by watching the cat chase a string across the floor or bounce off the wall at a laser pointer? Perhaps you have become irritated as the cat turned over the flower vase to drink water instead of using their freshwater bowl already on the floor. Have you ever felt like yelling as the cat bats at your sleeping face because it decided that 4 A.M. was feeding time? This list could go on. Nevertheless, the bottom line is we love our cats.

A cat’s independence may attract us, or perhaps that relaxing purr and soft fur. Anyone who has enjoyed a cat living in their home will continue to have these special fur babies as part of their lives. Often, they will have multiples, which brings a new and interesting dimension to home life. Enjoy these kitties and be thankful for the smiles they put on your face.

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