July 22 is AAHA Accredited Hospital Day

What is AAHA Accredited Hospital Day?

In the field of veterinary medicine there is no required accreditation body. Hospitals in Missouri are required to have a facility license that consists of a self-inspection by someone in the hospital. This is common in many states. However, the American Animal Hospital Association provides accreditation at the highest level. AAHA accreditation signifies that a veterinary practice has met or exceeded stringent standards that encompass all aspects of veterinary medicine.

What is AAHA?

AAHA is an independent group that inspects hospital at their request. To become accredited, a hospital is evaluated by an AAHA inspector. In order to earn accreditation, a hospital must pass a 900 point evaluation. All areas of the hospital are evaluated from safety protocols, proper equipment, veterinary knowledge, and all areas of patient care. Only about 12% of the hospitals in the United States and Canada are AAHA accredited. Hospitals are inspected every two to three years to maintain their accreditation.

Why is accreditation important to pet owners?

It assures that your pet is receiving the best care. Every area of the hospital has been evaluated from the waiting room, the exam room, the dentistry suite, the surgery suite, the housing units, infectious disease isolation rooms and every aspect of the hospital. There are industry standards of operation and patient care which are physically inspected and evaluated to ensure your pets are receiving the best possible medical care.

Cornerstone Animal Hospital, as an accredited hospital, is pleased to be able to provide assurance to our clients that their pets are receiving the very best care. We not only provide care to the pets of our clients, but serve as a referral and emergency institution for many other hospitals.

Each Doctor, RVT (Registered Veterinary Technician), Veterinary Assistant, and Client Care Specialist is held to a higher standard of continuous training and knowledge that exceeds the basics required by the profession in our state. This ensures that your pet has some of the very best caregivers in our profession looking after them. We, as a team, consider it an honor and privilege to be able serve you and your pet.

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