Joplin Veterinarian Deals with Cancer Daily

Cancer is the Number One Disease Seen by Joplin Veterinarians

Joplin veterinarians see patients with cancer on regular basis. Cancer has become the number one disease in dogs, cats, and ferrets. Cancers in pets,as in people, have a variety of causes and many are associated with multiple causes. There are many types of cancers; cancer type and length of time already present dictate how successful treatment will be. As a Cornerstone veterinarian, I have observed that people often delay having a patient examined because they fear cancer is a possibility. Unfortunately, by the time fear is overcome, the cancer may have spread leaving little ability to help the animal. In addition, while the internet is a good tool, it also can spread fear and simple processes can be perceived as cancer. Joplin veterinarians at Cornerstone will tell you that early detection will result in the best outcome.

Joplin veterinarians treat cancer with a variety of treatments including surgery,chemotherpy, immunotherapy ,and alternative medicine. Many patients with malignant types of cancer, although not cured, may have improved quality of life with the use of alternative medicine- Western herbal therapy, Chinese herbal therapy, antioxidants, and supplements. As a Joplin veterinarian, I have found that the combination of traditional therapy with alternative medicine often gives better results.

Lumps and bumps that appear on the aging body of our pets is commonly thought of as cancer. Many of these lumps are not malignant cancer, but there is no way to feel or look at a lump to determine risk. A pet many have multiple lumps that appear similar, while in reality they are not- some of them will be benign(non-spreading, slow growing) while others are malignant (fast growing, aggressive ,and spread). Every lump should be identified by your Joplin veterinarian with a fine needle aspirate (collecting cells with a small needle and examining with a microscope) or biopsy submitted to a pathologist. Many benign growths should be removed for the comfort of your pet as they often create pressure and discomfort as they slowly grow. Many may not appear painful to the touch, but pressure against underlying nerves or muscles create unidentified pain and irritability. Let your Cornerstone Joplin veterinarian determine what isthe best course of action for your pets.

Next month other common signs associated with cancer in your pets will be covered by your Joplin veterinarian at Cornerstone.

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