Cornerstone Animal Hospital has chosen not to perform ear trims after January 1, 2016. Ear trims are cosmetic surgery to alter the appearance of certain breeds of dogs. The surgery, even the best of circumstances is associated with unnecessary pain and discomfort in our opinion and experience. However, the following educational information is available for those who need help training ears that have been trimmed.

Ears do not stand naturally after they have surgically cropped. They have to trained by taping them upright. There are many methods to tape and trained ears to stand. Below are videos two methods we find effective.

  • Before you start the training process the sutures should be removed and the ear margins completely healed.
  • Ear should be taped upright for no longer than a week.
  • There should be an average of 1 week between tapings.
  • Generally if your pet coperates it will take 4 to 8 tapings to train a set of ears
  • If the dog is making sores from digging the tape should be removed and not taped again until completely healed.
  • This process may be simple with out any problem or your pet may fight the whole process. If necessary I can prescribe medication to relax your pet and make the job easier.
  • If you prefer not to tape the ears we can tape the ears. Simply call us for a current price.
  • In spite of how easy the videos make it look for some owners and dogs the taping process is a nightmare and frustration with ears failing to stand because of patient non-compliance.

Method One:

Method Two: