What are you feeding ?

Special instruction All quantity measurement should correspond to calories measurement.
Other words 1 cup dry food correspond to calories; or 10 treats correspond to calories per treat

Calories/Unit Of Measurement
Total Calories
  • Cat Food Kibble or Dry
  • Can Food
  • Treats #1
  • Treats #2
  • Treats #3
  • Table Food #1
  • Table Food #2
  • Table Food #3
  • Total
  • Quantity* All quantities for dry food should be derived by using an actual measuring cup - not a coffee cup, beer mug or coffee can.
  • Calories* Since 2015 you have been able to find the # of calories on the package of cat food. Many treats do not have the number of calories on the bag. Most items you may search on google with the word calorie to find the number of calories. Occasionally you will have go to manufacturer web site or contact the manufacturer.
  • Starting Weight
  • Goal Weight
  • Calories to feed for weight loss
  • Desired Calories
  • If you cat does not see weight loss in 90 days revisit data provided and consult us.