Cat Adoption Guide

June is Adopt a Cat Month!

Adopting a cat can be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences of your life. And in the process, you get to change a cat’s life forever! With the abundance of cats that are in shelters facing euthanasia, adoption is more important and necessary than ever.

Before adopting a cat, it is important to do your research. Among the important things to consider are whether your lifestyle and home will be a good fit for an adopted cat. If you rent, you should always check with your landlord to make sure that cats are welcome.

You should also think about your own life and habits, and whether you would truly be up to the responsibility of caring for a cat for many years to come. Many aspects of life (moving, marriage, child birth) can complicate the situation so be certain that you are ready to make the commitment of adopting a cat.

Another aspect to consider is the cost of caring for your cat. This includes daily necessities like food, kitty litter, and other items, but it also includes the cost of veterinary care throughout your cat’s life. If your finances would make that difficult, you should reconsider adopting a pet until you can afford to do so comfortably.

cat adoption guideOnce you are ready to adopt a cat, get in touch with your local rescue or shelter. By adopting animals from rescues and shelters, you are helping to fight pet overpopulation while making a difference to the cats who are in need of your love the most.

Also make sure to speak to someone about the adoption procedure so that you know what to expect and can plan ahead. Many shelters and rescues will require references or proof of residence, so be sure that you can provide all the necessary documents and requirements.

Once you are ready to bring your cat home, it is important to cat-proof their environment. Remove potential hazards like toxic plants or small objects that they could ingest. You should also move breakable objects that could be knocked off by your cat while they are exploring their new home.

It can also help to set up a room or area just for your cat. As territorial animals, this will help them become comfortable and at ease in your home.

If you have any questions or concerns about adopting a cat, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to discuss adoption with you and guide you through the process.

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