Hi there! My name is Chui and I feel icky. Mom keeps putting out different food for me and I want to eat, but nothing really sounds good. The few things that I do eat, I vomit. Seems like I can’t keep anything down over these last few weeks. Mom and Dad finally decided that it was time to take me to Cornerstone to visit a doctor.

Dr. Stroud ran some bloodwork and ordered some radiographs (x-rays) and an ultrasound of my belly. It soon became apparent that my liver was very sick, which is what was making me feel so icky. One of the lobes of my liver actually had a large number of cystic structures that looked like holes in my liver, and they were very concerned about it being cancerous. Surgical removal was recommended because it was only in one liver lobe. Although there are always risks with surgery, I was not going to get better without it.

Mom and Dad discussed the pros and cons, then decided to go forward with surgery. An abnormal section of one of my liver lobes was removed. I was a groggy after surgery, but by that night, I felt like a whole new animal. I hadn’t felt this good in nearly a month. In fact, when they offered me food, I chowed down like there was no tomorrow. Two weeks later, Dr. Stroud notified my Mom telling her while it was cancerous, she got it all and it shouldn’t return. Yay! Surgery was the cure!

It has been about 6 weeks since my operation and I’ve gained weight, still feeling great. Yesterday, Doc said she is very happy about how I look! She’s looking forward to me living a long, happy life.

Addendum: We are sad to report while Chui quality of life improved after the surgery several months later the cancer recurred and humanely put to sleep to prevent suffering.