4th of July Pet Safety

July 4th and the surrounding days are a time of great fun as we celebrate our country’s birth. However, it can be a time of terror for the fur babies. Firecrackers mimic a war zone to frighten our pets.

As we enjoy watching firework displays with our pets, remember how frightening loud noises can be to them. It may be a more loving choice to leave them at home in the safety of a familiar environment. Make certain that they are in an escape-proof location.

If you have a home display planned, then keep them in the house in a secure place. Pets may tolerate some types of fireworks, then unexpectedly bolt right through or over a fence that normally would keep them safely in the yard. Don’t take risks that could cause harm to your pet or become a time of permanent loss.

After finishing your celebration, be sure to check your yard for derbis before allowing your pets outside again. Even unused fireworks pose a threat to them. Many types of fireworks contain toxic substances such as arsenic, potassium nitrate, and other heavy metals.

What appears harmless to us may be a very dangerous to pets. Glow sticks, if chewed, cause excessive drooling and gastro-intestinal irritation such as vomiting and diarrhea. If your pet swallows large pieces of plastic, an intestinal blockage may result.

For pets that are extremely anxious even within the home environment, medication may be of value to help them. Generally, tranquilizers are not recommended because of the drugged effect which results in walking difficulty and altered behavior. Instead, an anti-anxiety drug is used that results in no major behavior change.

Finally, please be sure your pet is micro-chipped. Even with the best management accidents may happen. Unexpected panic modes result in lost pets. Micro-chipping helps easily identify the pets and allows them to be returned home.

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