February is National Pet Dental Month

Pets Have Dental Pain and Dental Disease Too!

Dental pain and disease is commonplace in dogs, cats and ferrets.

Periodontal disease – Does your pet have this?

Periodontal disease is the number one chronic disease affecting 85% of all dogs, cats, and ferrets by three years of age. It is our daily experience to find unhealthy and painful teeth in the mouths of our patients in spite of dental chews and home products. Home care in conjunction with professional care is very important to provide a healthy and pain free mouth for your pet.

Important Health Alert – In a recent study dogs statistically that had their teeth cleaned yearly lived 20% longer than those that did have annual cleanings. Wow that incredible difference one simple preventative measure will allow our pets to live longer.

When you check your pets’ smile and smell bad breath, your pet has dental disease.

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The winning smile will receive our increased prize of $150! The smile contest is open to anyone within 50 miles of Cornerstone Animal Hospital. Your pet does not have to be a patient of Cornerstone. So send in those photos of your smiling pets!

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