Basic Vaccines for all Ferrets
• Ferret Distemper- once a year
• Ferret Rabies- once a year

Blood Screening
Ferrets are energetic if healthy. Ferrets are very active, inquisitive pets. Cancer remains a major concern in ferrets. Often owners believe it is the ferret’s age which is causing the pet to slow down, while in fact a cancer is brewing. The most common cancers can be readily treated. Cancer usually develops between three to five years of age Less common is a cancer which can affect younger patients, as early as one year of age. Early disease recognition is imperative to detect cancer; blood screening is recommended on a yearly schedule.

Bi-annual examinations
In the past, all pets need a yearly physical examination.

New Recommendations
The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has recognized that yearly examinations are not enough to identify many diseases in their early stages.The animals’ body has aged 10 years between examinations, which is to long to allow diseases to develop. Many times owners ask if the disease outcome would be different if it was detected earlier. Therefore, twice a year examinations are recommended on all ferrets, even if they appear healthy.